About The Workshop Soapery and the folks that run the show

The Workshop and its products were born out of a desire to produce an exciting product for customers that is made with natural ingredients, and is also environmentally friendly and kind to animals.

My name is Mary, and I have been making soap for several years. I have learned about soaping by doing tons of research on the properties of oils and essential oils in soap and bath products, by testing the ingredients, and by making many, many batches. My favorite thing about making soap is blending the essential oils and creating the soap scents. My favorite thing about selling my soap is seeing the excitement on the faces of my customers when they purchase something that they know is good for their bodies, with a scent that they love.

My husband, Jim, is my partner in soap, as well as in life. He helps me out at various markets and sales events. Trust me, he is one heck of a salesman. He also works with me in my lab and patiently listens to my ideas for new product.

Mike the Duck is our PR guy. He is the face of The Workshop, and a pretty cute face it is!

Now, about our products…none of them contain palm oil of any kind. Why? Because the harvesting of palm oil leads to deforestation of the habitats of orangutans in Sumatra and Borneo. In the past decade, the numbers of orangutans in the wild has declined over fifty percent! Currently, orangutans are critically endangered, and if palm harvesting continues, they could be completely extinct in the wild in the next decade. As an animal lover, I refuse to use a product that puts such amazing animals in that kind of danger.

Our soaps are 100% vegan. No animal bi-products are used, and none of our ingredients are tested on animals, therefore no animals are harmed in the creation of our product. Our company is certified Cruelty-Free by the Leaping Bunny Program, an extension of the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC).

If you read the ingredient label of our soaps, you will know what those ingredients are. No strange chemical names, no detergents, no unnatural anti-bacterials. Do you know what Triclocarban is? I didn’t either until I looked it up, and I didn’t like what I read.

Our packaging states that our soaps are made with love & magic. It is our sincere hope that you will feel the magic of using a natural product that is environmentally friendly and good for your skin, and that you will love the product so much that it will make you want to stay in the shower just a bit longer.

Peace & Soapy Love from The Workshop!